The Testosterone Advantage Plan

The Testosterone Advantage Plan

Written by: Lou Schuler, Jeff Volek, Michael Mejia, Andy Campbell
Reviewed by: "rrs343"

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The Review:

This book makes more sense than most. The macro-nutrients are not radically unbalanced in their food. And the food are one of the easiest to follow since they generally borrowed the Mediterranean nutrition plan (one of the best out there, Imo), and made some slight adjustments to it, which I think were enhancements.

And I think they make a strong case against the low-fat nutrition plan. Nor are the authors taken in with all of the supplemental junk that health magazines try to push over on you. These authors are more savvy than most. And they explain and make a very nice case at why weight-lifting has a much better metabolic effect than aerobics alone.

Over half of the book covers its workout program, and it is filled with hundreds of images, but this wasn''t as much of an interest for me, but it might be for others. I found the book to have many interesting facts and case studies, many I haven''t read about before. But the debate over what are the optimum protein levels is far from over. There are some respected nutritionists and scientists out there that think athletes need more protein than the Usda recommends, one the author quotes from is Professor Peter Lemon who is well respected.

But there are also other well respected scientists still in the same camp that the Usda protein levels are all you need, and this contains for athletes and body-builders too. , take Professor Ellington Darden.

The latter used to be on the high protein bandwagon for ten years of his life until he obtained his P. , and when he did one of his tests on himself, he noticed anytime he went over whatever the Usda recommended for his weight, he was urinating the excess down the toilet.

But at least the amounts of protein the author is advising isn''t overly excessive. The book was under-funded, as most health books are. Despite its title, not once was a single testosterone test done for any of the users. They mentioned that testosterone tests are very hard to get nice readings on, and they would have had to take all the users in as boarders to be able to do that.

Nevertheless, they still make a nice case of it by relying heavily on studies which showed that those who ate more fat, had more testosterone. Some of the other studies were of those taking testosterone supplements. Not one single participant was thin to test their weight muscle gain program out on. So if you''re one of these guys, you''ll need to be the first guinea pig.

All of the images I seen were of heavyweights. They began with 30 volunteers, and ended up with 16. And of that 16 remaining, I only counted 6 before and after images of the users. Even when you look at the final 6 that are left that they select to be their prime examples of what their plan could do for you, you''ll notice the typical before images of the man just standing their looking sullen without his shirt on, and making no effort to suck in his gut.

With the after images, they put on their excited face and half of them have their shirts on for the image. And only one specify of images even comes close to having the same before and after pose. Several have their arms up, and it''s actually great what sucking in your gut can do. Despite all of my criticism, you can still see a change, and I think the authors give us correct measurements. But even when they are giving you individual statistics about the final 6 users that are left, you''ll notice the data is scant.

Some left in their before and after bench press numbers, some select to leave in their before and after chin-ups, nothing is consistent. They select to pick what they wish you to see, and disregard the rest. Now let''s see All of the images and statistics from everyone including the final 10 users.

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